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Connecting all of your devices with WiFi

Most WiFi solutions companies make the mistake of not planning WiFi deployments. Their WiFi designs are just an arbitrary placement of wireless access points without taking into account of important variables. What about interference, throughput, coverage, RF penetration, link budget…? Qypsys brings the perfect complement of IT and RF engineering to accurately deploy your WiFi system. Qypsys uses innovative industry leading tools to perform professional WiFi surveys and designs to meet and exceed your requirements.  

Because the Qypsys team comes from a RF (Radio Frequency) background, Qypsys understanding of radio waves is unparalleled. This allows Qypsys to implement a WiFi design that meets and even exceed your service needs. Qypsys can also deploy systems for data, voice, and location services. 

Our WiFi services are broad with deployments in all vertical markets including:

  • Manufacturing   
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Technology

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