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Public Safety In-building Wireless Solutions

Our Public Safety officials such as police and fire departments rely heavily on wireless communications devices to protect the public. Similar to the Wireless Service Provider, Public Safety signals do not always penetrate in building. This fact results in poor communications and public safety hazards. Needless to say, reliable radio coverage is essential throughout the public safety jurisdiction especially inside buildings. Providing reliable coverage in these environments is particularly challenging and requires knowledge of specialized systems designed to meet this need.

Over the past several years, many municipalities have adopted ordinances requiring minimum signal levels for coverage of Public Safety communications within new buildings. If your new building is within one of these areas, you may be confused about what to do. You may even be concerned about the extra cost you are forced to incur.  Let Qypsys help you turn this confusion into a revenue generating venture. We can install systems that not only meet the Public Safety requirements but boost the cellular signals in your building as well. This will allow you to attract tenants and customers which will lead to higher revenue and set you apart from your competitors.


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