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Enterprises and government agencies require huge amounts of bandwidth to meet their communication needs. But as their network requirements increase, so do costs. There is a growing trend to replace copper networks with fiber networks. A revolution in Optical Local Area Networking (Optical LAN) has begun, leveraging the cost, power, and space benefits of an all-fiber infrastructure. Compared to legacy copper Ethernet networks, Optical LAN is more reliable and secure, and it eliminates future infrastructure upgrades. The Tellabs Optical LAN solution is purpose-built for high-capacity, high-performance enterprise networks. 

Tellabs Optical Line Terminals

Tellabs 1150 OLT

The 23" rack-mounted Tellabs 1150 OLT distribution shelf is designed for high-density deployments serving up to 8,192 Ethernet/IP end-points. Similar to the Tellabs 1150E and 1134, the 1150 can be used for Optical LAN, FTTP, FTTN and FTTC networks.


Tellabs 1150E OLT

The 19" rack-mounted Tellabs 1150E OLT distribution shelf is purpose-built for high-density enterprise and international needs. The Tellabs 1150E is targeted for pure VoIP unified communications, IP video and IP/Ethernet/IP data service delivery.


Tellabs 1134 OLT

The Tellabs 1134 OLT distribution shelf is designed for lower-density enterprise, service provider and international deployments. Its smaller form-factor makes the Tellabs 1134 ideal for space challenged data centers, communications closets and outdoor remote cabinets.


Tellabs Optical Network Terminals

To meet the needs of different markets, Tellabs ONTs offer choices in network positioning, mounting and form-factor:

Indoor – in-wall mounting

The Tellabs 100 series mini ONTs revolutionize access with a new form-factor.  They can be installed in standard 1-gang or 2-gang electrical boxes within walls or raceways of modular cubicle work environments. These indoor mini ONTs serve 2-ports gigabit Ethernet with flush, visually appealing in-wall or cubicle mount options.

Indoor – desktop mounting

 In the Fiber-to-the-Desktop architecture, users can install single-mode fiber to the end Ethernet/IP device. These indoor desktop ONTs typically serve 4-ports gigabit Ethernet with free-standing, vertical or horizontal mounting options.


Indoor – rack mounting

In the Fiber-to-the-Multi-Desk architecture (also known as Fiber-to-the-Communications-Closet), users can install single-mode fiber to the telecom closet. Users can rack mount the 24-port 1RU MDU ONT inside the closet in a standard telecom rack.

Outdoor – wall mounting


In classical service provider FTTP architecture, ONTs can help deliver triple-play services to homes and business. Tellabs manufactures an outdoor, environmentally hardened group of ONTs that you can mount externally at residential housing (such as campus housing and military housing), remote buildings and remote warehouses.

Tellabs Panorama Manager

The Tellabs® Panorama Manager offers a complete management solution for the Tellabs® 1000 Multiservice Access Platform (MSAP), the Tellabs® 1100 Multiservice Access Platform, the Tellabs® 1000 Voice Gateway (VGW) and the entire portfolio of Tellabs® Fiber Access Solutions products. The feature-rich Tellabs® Panorama Manager is available in both Solaris™ and Windows® operating environments and offers a full suite of management capabilities — user management, configuration management, performance management and security management. It also supports remote upgrades, service fulfillment, service assurance, remote back-up, remote capacity and inventory reporting, and a variety of additional functions.