Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)


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Expanding mobile coverage

Qypsys offers wireless solutions which helps meet the ever-growing coverage and capacity demands. Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) allow users to obtain wireless data coverage in areas of little or no coverage. Qypsys can design and deploy your DAS system which can be built to accommodate office buildings and campus environments.

Our RF engineers are proficient in the major network protocols including: GSM, PCS, CDMA, WiMax, IDEN, and LTE. With the expertise of our engineers and trained field team, Qypsys offers the following DAS services: wireless surveys, design, installation, optimization, testing, and commissioning.

What is DAS? 

Your customers and visitors expect wireless coverage everywhere. Wireless connectivity is of high importance to just about everyone; you cannot afford to have wireless dead zones. A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a network antenna nodes which are connected to a Wireless Service provider (WSP) signal source. Often WSP’s signals do not penetrate into buildings or private campuses well enough for sufficient service. Qypsys can place antennas in well-designed locations throughout your building or campus to improve your wireless service. A DAS allows for ubiquitous coverage from the street to inside your building or campus and back.

Why DAS?

 With the ever-growing consumer demand for wireless data, why would you not want wireless coverage for your building or venue? How many times have you been upset when you did not have sufficient coverage? As a property owner, it is becoming necessary to provide your customers with these growing demand, and a frustrated customer is a sure way to lose business and fall behind your competitors. Let Qypsys lead the way to increased customer satisfaction and ultimately higher revenue for your business.